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MEGA Blunder with Ajmal Pahari JIT Video & Written JIT Report (Exposed)

In Joint Interrogation Team (JIT) Report - A Mega Blunder.
Ajmal Pahari JIT Report exposes blunder of Joint Interrogation Team (JIT) Report. This is the link of JIT Report Video which was leaked by Joint Interrogation Team (JIT).


From 6:35 You can listen the statement of "Amjal Pahari", In which he stated "Altaf Hussain & MQM never talked about the break down of Pakistan neither MQM / Altaf Hussain taught us such sort of Literature rather MQM preaching the lesson & stories of "Salah uddin Ayubi & Nasim Hijazi".

But the second face of the coin is that JIT presented their own JIT written report in which they wrote Amjal Pahari's statement as like "If we didn't get our rights than we have to work under the leadership of Altaf Hussain and make our separate state by unite Karachi"

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While other crimes that Ajmal Pahari has been accused of can only be proven or otherwise thru a fair trial, however some glaring flaws and obvious fabrications in the JIT report are enough to prove the fairness of such reports:
  1. The report connects Ajmal Pahari with the murder of Major Kaleem, which is an absolutely false and ridiculous accusation as proven from none other than the fact that Major Kaleem is still alive. How could he possibly commit the murder of a person still alive?
  2. Then the report directly accuses Pahari of killing two of MQM’s own senators, Nishat Mallick & Mustafa Kamal Rizvi, in 2002 whereas Ajmal Pahari, as also proven from newspaper reports, was arrested in 2000 only to be released in 2005. How could he possibly kill someone from inside the jail?
  3. Further, the report also blames Ajmal Pahari for killing editor of Takbeer, Salahuddin, whereas in 1999 the daughter of Salahuddin, Sadia Anjum, herself alleged that her father was killed by her ex-husband, Rafiq Afghan, who is currently the editor of Ummat newspaper, for purpose of occupying the estate of his father and this is also why she sought separation from her husband.
  4. And lastly, the JIT also accuses Ajmal Pahari of killing JI’s Ameer of Bin Qasim in Karachi, Mirza Luqman Baig, whereas the fact is that Luqman Baig was killed over dispute on a masjid in Landhi in 1999. This is evident from an FIR lodged in the Landhi police station in 1999 by JI’s own leader, Aslam Mujahid, who was a trustee of this masjid. Mujahid in his FIR named other trustees of the masjid as accused murderers of Mirza Luqman Baig. These accused murderers included Asharaf Ali, Majid, Luddun, Shahid and Ishtiaq and all of them were affiliated with the MQM-Haqiqi, which was in control of the Landhi town in 1999 whereas the same town was, to common knowledge, a no-go area for MQM activists.
After this MEGA BLUNDER what should we have to be assume?? Either we should suppose it as credible or not? Because, it's Mega Blunder in JIT Report and How did Six Major Agencies sign on this JIT Report without formal reading??
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