PML-N MPA husband attacked on Maryam Nawaz's guards

During a ceremony in Lahore, when a female MPA of the N-league and her husband were stopped from meeting Mariam Nawaz by her guards, her husband ended up in a fist fight with the Party leaders guard!. A ceremony was going on in the Ganga Ram hospital of Lahore when N-league's female MPA Zamard Yasmeen and her husband Rana Saeed stepped forward to invite her, the guards stopped and pushed them back, but Mariam Nawaz came in between and solved the issue, Though after a while Rana Saeed again stepped forward, in return the guards and Policemen tortured him, Raana Saeed attacked them saying "We got beaten up in the dictatorship, we wont let this happen even in the reign of our Party". He also shoved and punched a policemen present at the scene. The Party workers tried to catch him but he left the ceremony.

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