ANP Terrorists Group (Bhaloo Group) torched SAMAA van in Katti Pahari Area of Karachi

Thursday, 28 July 2011

KARACHI: Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) Thursday held Bhalo Group (ANP Terrorist Groups) as being involved in attack on SAMAA TV’s vehicle.

ACLC Town Officer Shehzad said he entered Kati Pahari area chasing a snatched car, where 200 gunmen of a local notorious 
Bhalo Group (ANP Terrorist Groups)
 surrounded them.

Analysts said security agencies should undertake full-fledged crackdown on these terrorists without considerations of any political affiliations.

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PPP MPA arrested 'RED-HANDED' with five girls in Multan

According to News Ghulam Server the MPA of PPP got arrested in Multan with five girls by police. He was enjoying with five girls when Multan Police arrested him red handed. X-Reports

MULTAN: Police raided a guest house and arrested Pakistan People’s Party’s (PPP) Sindh Member of the Provincial Assembly Ghulam Sarwar, along with five women and other people. Reports said the police caught the MPA with the women red handed and arrested them. The court sent the arrested people to jail on judicial remand. Sources told media persons that the PPP had taken notice of the incident and after the arrest the post of the MPA is in danger.

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PPP own workers protest against Zulfiqar Mirza

Tando Ghulam Ali: PPP Workers protested against the Zulfiqar Mirza. According to the source, Earlier Zulfiqar Mirza passed the statement against the PPP MPA 'Meer Mohammad Hasan' aka Babu Talpur.

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Zulfiqar Mirza Protocol Robbed Geo News Team (Exclusive Footage Released)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Senior Minister of Sindh Zulfiqar Mirza's Protocol Armed Robbery at M. A. Jinnah Road Karachi. Zulfiqar Mirza's guards robbed Geo News Team on the his directives. Guards snatched away the camera, mike, bullet-proof jackets, helmet and DVs from GEO News Journalist Shoaib Burney and others. X-Reports captured the Exclusive CCTV Footage of this robbery. X-REPORTS

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Another confusing statement - Alliance with Zardari possible - Imran Khan

Imran Khan - The Chief of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf gave the confusing statement last day. He stated, Nawaz & Zardari time have gone, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf will make the next government. He hinted towards the silent revolution in Pakistan.But at the same time, He confessed that PTI - Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf can make Alliance with Zardari but not with Nawaz Sharif. X-Reports

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We 'Kissed' each other : Benazir Bhutto Lover (Bubbly)

“ Benazir loved suits, skirts, saris, gowns and jeans.  Seeing Benazir in a skirt reminded me of her times at Oxford, Surrey, Dubai and all those times when we spent together,” says Stephen Bubb,  CEO of ACEVO recalling his times with Benazir Bhutto during the 70’s adding that her death took a part of him forever….
By Stephen Bubb
At a dinner party this fall I had been told by colleagues that the ICFJ had sponsored a project for intercultural cultural harmony under the auspices of the UN. I am not very fond of the UN but when my assistant Marie Alison mentioned that Benazir Bhutto had been covered in that project I couldn’t help but have a look.
Since that dreadful winter day in Dec 2007, when she was assassinated, I had secluded and resigned a part of myself which was ever in touch with Benazir. The ICFJ article broke that seclusion and brought back a flood of memories.
Suddenly I was back under the cherry tree in Oxford locking lips with Benazir. She seemed to travel through sands of time, bringing back emotions that I thought were buried for ever.
Seeing Benazir in a skirt reminded me of her times at Oxford, Surrey, Dubai and all those times when we traveled to various Mediterranean resorts.
On meeting Benazir Bhutto, for first time in the fall of 1973, we had a fight over a debating issue. The second time even a worse fight, the third time we fell for each other perhaps finding no alternative. We were a good team for a while, before I moved on to other subjects and she opted for political science and foreign relations as her majors.  But beyond the debating society we stayed on together. We had a very close knit circle of friends.
She called me Bubbly and I called her Pinky.
Benazir was the most exotic girl on campus with her wild ways and penchant for lively discussions late into the night. She would cheer any one no matter what the mood and how down cast one would be.  We used to think of her as the delectable and glamorous jewel of Lady Margaret Hall.
When I lost the LC chair for the first time Pinky came to my college dorm with friends and champagne. She lifted my spirits and all the gloom of the day vanished during that night.
We would listen to Gainsbourg’s  J e t’aime moi non plus while sipping on glasses of R&B. Both were a favorite of Pinky and mine. Benazir would take me on trips to Stratford for watching plays at the Royal Shakespeare Company in her yellow sports car. She lived fast and drove fast. She would brighten the dance floor at the central oxford club, our favorite hang out spot.
She had developed a liking for roman sandals and short skirts by the time she came to Oxford from Harvard. There she was in hot pants sitting across me at the editor’s office and I was just thinking that this is really one attractive girl. Afterwards I found that she had the intellect and intelligence to match her beauty.
Once we celebrated national-dress day and every student appeared in their respective national dress. Benazir wore a sari (oriental suit) and looked like an angel had descended on earth.
At Oxford she would arrange the best parties and took pains to make sure everyone was involved or at least felt involved.
We would romp around campus canvassing for the society elections. Our friendship blossomed with time. Next summer the blokes played a prank and asked the losing team on the council if we would live up to our claims of an egalitarian society free of religious and cultural restraints. It was June and Benazir’s birthday was around the corner. She played their bluff and appeared at the party in her birthday suit. Everyone was stunned by her bold move and it shut up the dissenting chaps.
Six months later Benazir was elected President of the Oxford Union. The first ever by any Asian at that time.
Pinky was Pinky and she dressed her mood. The 70’s was a casual era, we were more concerned about being hip than fashionable. I remember seeing Benazir Bhutto attending classes mostly in Jeans. During the winter she would opt for the most expensive dresses. In summer she would opt for stylish suits to go with the family outing on the Brighton beach.
One time Ms. Asfahani Bhutto, the mom of Benazir, visited and Pinky decided to have a picnic at Brighton. We went to Harrods and she purchased swimming costumes for herself, her mom and brother Mr. Murtaza.
I still remember our last summer of 1976 when we went to Cap d’Agde. There was an anxious tone in the air; it felt like we were gathering for the last time. Perhaps it was the graduation season, or it was because Pinky said she was returning back home or perhaps it was some kind of prenomination. The amorous French air dulled our anxieties. Little did we know that life for Pinky, would change for ever after her return to Pakistan. 
In the summer of 1977 her father was illegally deposed. I had met Mr. Bhutto when he had come to visit. He was a very charismatic person and would brighten up the room with his candor. Afterwards for the very few and rare occasions when I saw Benazir happy, the humor and wit of Mr. Bhutto reflected in her.
The mid seventies was a golden time for us.
We didn’t have a care in the world.
Benazir returned to Pakistan.
I kissed her good bye.
She told me:
“ Bubbly I’ll be back next summer and we’ll go to Cap d’Agde again.”
I felt a sting in my heart, but I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would see Pinkie again after eight long years, instead of the next summer.

History then witnessed an elected representative and popular leader judicially murdered by a brutal military dictator. Pinky, against wise counsel decided to stay back and resist the military junta. She was first put under house arrest and then sent to a notorious army jail. I couldn’t even go and help her in Pakistan.
I lost contact with her.
The regime had placed travel restrictions on Benazir’s acquaintances in UK. I felt so guilty for not stopping her when I could have. I didn’t try to stop her earlier. I knew I couldn’t have stopped her even if I wanted to.
After her confinement of three years, I saw her photo in the newspaper which reported on Benazir’s illness. We were all horrified to see Pinky reduced to a shadow of her former self. She was almost a skeleton. We couldn’t believe the military regime would be so brutal. Her brothers had already gone into exile and had started a resistance organization Al-Zulfiqar which unfortunately turned militant afterwards.
 In 1984, under international pressure, Benazir was released although reluctantly by the military junta. She traveled to Switzerland and then to UK where she had to under go medical treatment for all the physical and mental suffering afflicted upon her by a cruel regime. I didn’t have the heart to see her the first week but managed to go and finally see her in the following week.
I went with Vijay Selvaratnam,our close mutual friend. She cried on seeing Benazir. I had to struggle in keeping a straight face.  Benazir saw me, smiled and said “” Oh Bubbly, I missed you,”  she made some jovial comment and I could only say Hi. Her spirit was as strong as before perhaps even stronger. The junta had failed to break her will.
Reporters asked her if she had gone into exile. Benazir said that she was born in Pakistan and would die in Pakistan.Tragically this statement would become true 23 years later. 
She quickly became active in organizing political opposition to the military rule and this is where her true competencies as a maverick agitator were revealed. Pinky was back in action only this time instead of protesting against University authorities, the opposition was real and a frightingly murderous military dictatorship.
Benazir changed after her return to UK. She had developed an iron determination. Whenever she smiled one could see the wounded emotions behind it. She felt anger at the regime and the judiciary which had conspired together in falsely convicting her father. She felt let down by the people who had allowed a popular leader to be hanged. Her focus was razor sharp and all her activities were now centered around exposing the military regime’s ugly face to the world. I tried to bring her back to normalcy, and we arranged a get together party in the fall of 1985 at a Rolling Stones concert.
Captain Eddington used to be our mentor in those days and suggested that we give Pinky a gift on her birthday that summer. Benazir was very fond of rolling stone and the Chippendales’ boys. So we bought her tickets to the Chippendales show.  She was slowly coming back to her original self and I was happy to see her enjoying her life again. We would visit the French Cannes spending hours hand in hand straddling the beach.

Benazir had become increasingly silent and then tragedy after tragedy struck. The military junta in Pakistan had used the Afghan war to befriend the US government. Her US contacts who had initially promised support for her struggle had become mild spectators as the dictatorship in Pakistan gave US a chance to avenge the Vietnam war from USSR.
It was such an irony. Pinky had told me that during her stay in USA she was part of the anti-war protests while the Vietnam war was raging. And now the very friends she had trusted left her in the lurch. Unfortunately that was not the last time the Americans would betray her.
By early 1986 she had decided to return back to Pakistan. I asked Pinky to rethink, but she had decided that her destiny was back home and it was now her time to find it. 
This time I really tried to stop her, but she was very stubborn and had her eyes fixed upon returning back to Pakistan. 
We kissed goodbye again, one year later I heard she was getting engaged and subsequently married to a person selected by her mother. I was shell shocked. It was so unlike Pinky. I never believed it until I saw it on BBC.
Another year passed and she was the Prime Minister of a country 150 Million strong. It seemed she had achieved her dream and conquered her destiny. 
I met her again in 1989 when she visited UK on an official trip as head of state. I was so proud of her. We were sitting at the Banquet Hall. She had returned after meeting Margaret Thatcher and was now talking about her trip to the US.
Benazir had become accustomed to wearing formal dress suits as part of her official status.She seemed so royal and different than her days in UK. She would tag along her husband every now and then, and because of him (current president of Pakistan) we would have to keep our distance and discretely call her Prime Minister.

Politics kept us apart, but only physically.
We would talk once in a while over the phone, however, those conversations were rare and far in between.
Due to the internal politics in Pakistan, phones at the Prime Minister house were being bugged at that time.
The early 90s was a tumultuous time and Benazir would either be leader of the house or leader of the opposition.
Like her Oxford days she played a leading role in both capacities.
By 1997 under an increasingly hostile establishment she was again betrayed by a person who was opted as President by her. She told me that her own President had colluded to bring down her Government. Pinky had had enough of this and in view of threats she and her children faced, decided for self exile in 1998.
A blessing in disguise was that now we were able to meet after a long time. 
We met again in 1998, and I felt a repeat of her struggle in the 80’s. This time she had the additional burden of fighting for a person who had been brought into her life as a husband.
While sunbathing on the deck of the carnival cruise liner Jubilee, Benazir once told me, how she wished that life back in Pakistan could be filled again with sunshine and joy. She always seemed to be thinking of her country and believed that her life and destiny were entwined with that of her mother land.  
Benazir was now shuttling between UK, USA and UAE trying to mobilize her party and keeping it intact.While holding the highest executive post in her country, a persona had developed around and about her.
In a country with fundamentalist streaks and religious dogma still strong, Benazir would be seen addressing political rallies with her chador (long dress and covering like a burka).
Politics of religion and conservatism combined to portray her as daughter of the east. It was a patronizing and condescending title which annoyed me when she didn’t take exception to it. In UK I used to meet her at Surrey where she would arrange parties for a circle of people close to her. After one such party I jokingly asked Benazir how she felt being daughter of the east. Wearing a short white dress she replied with a smirk that she was above titles and accolades. I knew better to argue with her.   
Benazir loved her suits, skirts, saris, gowns and jeans.
Now that she was in the west, paradoxically she found it liberating, like old times at Oxford. Benazir was hardly recognized when she accompanied me to the theater or opera wearing party dresses and gowns. Happy times seemed to have lurked back in her life.
Once, Benazir took me to watch the performance of Ursula Martinez, one of her favorite artists. At the gala dinner that followed, I introduced her as my dance partner. No one recognized Benazir and people kept complimenting her looks. We laughed so much afterwards and she reminded me of the giggling girl back in Oxford. 
By 2006 her plans to return and end her exile had gained momentum.Before she left for her country again we went to Loch Shiel.Benazir and I strolled the Scottish water front while I kept asking her to stall her plans of return but she was adamant. Our brief argument yielded to silence and we never spoke a word during that long walk. It was as if we knew that the time had finally come.
I remember she smiled, told me to cheer up and lose the long face, gave me a kiss and said, “Bubbly you know I always come back”.
How I wish that was true.
Benazir was a world citizen not confined to a single ethos. She embodied a true facade of being multi- cultural, tolerant and a laissez-faire liberalism.
 Thank you, Hijabskirt for reminding the world about this.
To live in the hearts we leave behind is to never die.
After Benazir our planet is a much poorer place now

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Zulfiqar Mirza threatens Pakistani Media. Thanks to Democratic Govt. - 25th July 2011

Monday, 25 July 2011

According to the News Source, Zulfiqar Mirza threatened Pakistani Media once again. He added, 'I can't change my attitude at any cost'. We will take action whom asking for the division of Sindh. Mirza further added, ' We didn't get Government in charity. We break the legs of all with the help of our peoples. He stated, 'Pakistani Media made the lots of money in Musharraf Regime, Now they are hitting Democratic Government of Pakistan. We will beat them with our shoes. X-Reports

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Imran Khan Supports Taliban : Khan says, Revolt in Pakistan Army Soon

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Imran Khan, the chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf supports the Taliban in his gathering in Lahore. He gave the ANTI-ARMY statement and hinted the Revolt in Pakistan Army. He spoiled the sovereignty of Pakistan Army.

Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan has said that a ''revolt in the Pakistan Army'' is likely to take place at any time because of the policies of the army and the PPP-led government, including their participation in the war on terror.
"The army is fighting America's war. Now on its order, the Pakistan Army is set to launch an operation in North Waziristan, where according to the US 5,000 Taliban are hiding.

"Will the Pakistan Army strike against 350,000 people living there to hunt down 5,000?" Khan said while explaining his claim that there would be a revolt in the army.
"The operation will certainly cause massive casualties among innocent people," Khan, who heads the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf party, told a gathering in Lahore yesterday.
He questioned how a handful of terrorists engaged some 1,500 security personnel during the attack on a naval airbase in Karachi in May.

"Even Rambo could not have done this. It shows there is resentment among army officials, who are against fighting with their own men," said Khan, who had once offered to mediate between the government and the Taliban.

Khan said there is a need to revise Pakistan's policy on the war on terror.
"Innocent people are being killed in US drone attacks and the rulers shamelessly have given license to the US to kill Pakistani citizens," he said.

On the political front, Khan ruled out any alliance between his party and major political parties for the next general election.

"The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf will not make an alliance with any major political party in the next general election.

"However, it will have no objection joining hands with clean politicians," he said.
"We are confident of winning the next election after the Supreme Court's ruling to strike off bogus votes and enter the youth in voters' lists. The next election will be fair," he said.

The passion of the people, especially the youth, was an indicator the desire for change, he said."The corrupt will have to go home now," he said.
He said the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf will emerge a strong political force in the next election.

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ANP, PPP Terrorists are using the 'Haqiqi' tag in Karachi violence

Armed Pukhtuns and Balochs belonging to ANP, PPP and Lyari Gangsters in disguise of Haqiqi are entering in different areas of Karachi and killing the innocent people of Karachi.

KARACHI- After a lull of hardly a week, Malir and Landhi areas where again in the grip of organised bloodbath on Friday as unidentified attackers claimed 14 lives and wounded another 22 while two houses were also set on fire in Karachi.
Police surgeon Dr Hamid Padhyar told that 10 bodies and 15 injured were shifted to JPMC, 2 dead bodies were shifted to Sindh Government Hospital, Malir and one body and four injured were brought to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. The deceased were identified as Niaz Muhammad, Muhammad Ibrahim, Akram, Akbar Ali, Naseer Ahmed, Azeem, Jamshaid, Nadeem, Murtaza, Iqbal, Ikram, Khalid and Shafique, Nabi Khan and one unidentified person.
Eyewitnesses said over a hundred gunmen equipped with sophisticated weapons and walkie-talkies barged into different areas of Malir and Landhi and resorted to firing at different locations dominated by Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).
The police high ups termed the incident as a clash between the rival organisation, MQM and Muhajir Qaumi Movement-Haqqiqi (MQM-H), but MQM workers and residents asserted that it was a planned attack and that most of the attackers were
Balochs and Pushtoons.

Police sources said that two activists of Awami National Party (ANP), Mustaqeem and Akram Khan, were killed in Landhi and Quaidabad areas while an MQM-H activist Iqbal alias Ballo was also gunned down in the Quaidabd area.
Eyewitnesses said that assailants, who were thought to be Layari gangsters, came on expensive four-wheel-drive vehicles including double-cabin Parados and motorbikes. They entered the Ghazi Town and Aleemabad areas of Malir after the dawn prayers.
“We believe the attack was an attempt to let the MQM Haqqiqi capture the MQM offices and dominate the area,” said a girl who reached JPMC along with his brother injured during the ambush. She said, “We saw armed men having guns and walkie-talkies showering bullets on the houses of MQM workers and offices.” She said the attackers appeared to be mostly Balochs, Pushtoons while some of them were Urdu speaking.
The attackers were moving forward to different areas of Malir and targeting MQM Unit and Sector Offices and killing people without any discrimination on the way. She said, “We believe it was an attack by MQM-H with the help of Baloch gangsters of Layari to regain the control of the area ahead of the arrival of detained Haqqiqi leader Afaq Ahmed.”
After an attack at MQM Unit 100 Office located in Aleemabad, the armed convey moved toward other areas of Malir including Khokhrapar, Saudabad, Ammar Yasir Society and the adjacent areas where they killed men standing outside their homes.
Some residents said that armed men came from slum areas of Malir and got back to the slums after the attacks. They spent the night in different Goths situated in the surrounding areas of Malir such as Bahoo Goth, Asoo Goth, Jhokio Goth and barged into Malir at around 6:30am.
They said the attackers also attacked the houses of MQM workers and killed some MQM workers including Nadeem, Niaz, Naseer and Azeem in the early stage of the attack. Another MQM worker Salman Ahmed was shot dead near Ajmair Tower in the Gulshan-e-Mamar.

The MQM Unit Offices attacked included those numbered 94, 95, 96, 97, 98 and 100 where gunmen stayed for around two to three hours and exchanged fire with MQM workers, who were backed the residents, till the arrival of law enforcers at around 11am. They fled the areas on arrival of the law enforcement agencies, but stayed in Jhokio Goth till the evening. Residents alleged that they pinpointed to the police and Rangers about the locations of the terrorists but they were reluctant to take any action.
Similar ambush began in the Landhi area where armed men also forced their entry into the MQM dominated areas and tired to capture the MQM Unit 89. But the attackers met heavy resistance from the MQM workers and three of them were wounded who died on 

the way to hospital.

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Auditor General says massive irregularities found in Defense & Railway spending

Saturday, 23 July 2011

ANP Bilore sahib, will you like to comment on this (Railway)?
A report by Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) has revealed misappropriations and embezzlement of over Rs56 billion by the Defense Departments and Rs6 billion by Pakistan Railways (PR) management.

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Land Mafia involved in Katti Pahari violence : IG Sindh ~ "Land Mafia or Taliban?"


SUKKUR: IG Sindh, Wajid Durrani said Saturday that the land mafia was behind violence in Katti Pahari.
Speaking to the media at the Sukkur police headquarters, Durani said 17 target killers had been arrested and they were being interrogated while several individuals involved in arson attacks were also apprehended and ammunition had been recovered from them.

In the last X-Report, X-Reporter posted the evidences regarding the existing of Taliban in Katti Pahari. We all know that it's also the dominant area of ANP. Here We go for the reviews of these evidences.

Taliban / Fata Militants grab the Hill of Katti Pahari.

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Karachi's Reporter Abducted : Last days 'Zulfiqar Mirza' got angry on him

23rd July 2011 : A Private News Paper publishes the News regarding the kidnapping of local reporter of Karachi. According to the source, Last days, Reporter asked the question to PPP Senior Minister 'Zulfiqar Mirza' and then Mirza got angry on him. Afterwards, Mirza gave the Anti-Urdu Speaking (Mohajir) Statement. He was the reporter of Channel 5. X-Reports

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Propaganda of Altaf Hussain's Mansion Exposed ! (Exclusively)

Friday, 22 July 2011

This Asian Journal Newspaper belongs to a Person whose name is "Aamir Ghauri". And their Website is based on a "Free Server".

Domain Name:
Registrant: Aamir Ghauri
Registrant Type: UK Individual
Registrant's Address: 11 Greencourt Avenue, Croydon, CR0 7LD, UK

What's the credibility of  'THEASIANJOURNAL' ??? Here are the details from NIC Database. Domain is registred to some desi guy, the domain is forwarded to free web hosting service, THE-ASIAN-JOUNRAL is too poor and it has not enough 2 $ for the monthly hosting of its SITE.

Please correct me if I am wrong?

See what other says about this paper.

binary zero said:
it doesn’t appear to be a credible new papers ? Why it isn’t available on internet. (pkpolitics)

tmukhtar said: 
I have been asking pkpolitics for almost three months now to disclose the source of news which come from Theasianjournal.
The fact is there is no working website hence the journal itself.
Instead of coming out clean pkpolitics has put me on moderation list so that I can not talk to my friends on pkpolitics
So sad.
Tahir Mukhtar

Eyrie said:
This journal is dodgy. Can’t find it on the net. Stop spreading unauthentic stories. If same story can be produced via a credible source then it is worth commenting. This in no way means agreeing with the current government though as some may think.

All above comments are from PKPOLITICS SITE
The exact link is

Do read the other stupid stories from the same paper !

RegistrantAamir Ghauri
Registrant TypeUK Individual
Registrant's Address11 Greencourt Avenue, Croydon, CR0 7LD, UK

1 & 1 Internet AG [Tag = SCHLUND]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 15-Apr-2009
Renewal date: 15-Apr-2011

Registration status:
Registered until renewal date.

Name servers:

WHOIS lookup made at 12:52:28 17-Nov-2009.

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VIP Culture in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf

This Photo is related from the PTI Dharna in Karachi, PTI organized the Dharna against the supply of NATO in Karachi. The Photo exposes the VIP Culture in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. The Workers of PTI sit on the chairs while on the other side, attendees sit on ratine (دري). Is it Justice?? X-Reports.

Click on photo to see in Zoom
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Ministers refused to attend office due to the out of order lift (VIP Culture)

VIP Culture of MINISTERS!!
According to the source, Ministers refused to attend office due to the out of order lift. Two VIP lifts of Sindh Secretariat faulty for 2 days. Most of Secretaries absent, routine work affected. Due to closure of Secretary Offices, Common people severely bothered. X-Reports.
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Partition of India a Blunder - Altaf Hussain‏

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12th May MQM Terrorism !!

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Mirza Aslam Baig hinted towards 'Martial Law'

According to the News, Mirza Aslam Baig hinted towards 'Martial Law' on the private TV Talk Show. Mirza Aslam Baig asked Chief of Army Staff 'Mr. Kiyani' to come and help the judiciary. He further added, 'If Kiyani doesn't do that then Martial Law will be imposed soon'.

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PPP Minister Makhdoom Amin Fahim involved in NICL scam (Video Added)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has traced that Commerce Minister Makhdoom Amin Fahim received kickbacks in the multi-billion-rupee National Insurance Company Limited (NICL) scam.
Fahim is the second politician whose name has appeared in the case. Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) leader Moonis Elahi is already standing trial in the Supreme Court and the Lahore High Court (LHC).
FIA Karachi Deputy Director Altaf Hussain told the National Assembly Standing Committee on Commerce on Thursday that Fahim’s bank account was one of the 19 accounts where money was transferred in the Korangi Land deal. The account is jointly operated by Fahim and a Jaliluzzaman, and Rs24.4 million were transferred for settling an outstanding loan. As much as Rs8.4 million was separately deposited into Jaliluzzaman’s account while Rs7.9 million were transferred to Rizwana Amin’s account. A committee member asked if Jaliluzzaman was Fahim’s son but Hussain did not have an answer to that.
Hussain said that according to National Engineering Services Pakistan Private Ltd (Nespak), NICL paid Rs487.4 million over and above the market rate to purchase 10 acres of land in Korangi from Khalid Anwar. The FIA has established kickbacks worth Rs300 billion in the deal, which was struck through Khwaja Akbar, the front man for NICL Chairman Ayaz Niazi.
“We have met Fahim and asked him to explain how the money was transferred into his account. He has sought time to reply,” Hussain said.
Hussain said that according to the FIA’s investigations, Rs2.42 billion were embezzled out of the total purchases worth Rs5 billion. “The seller of the property (Anwar), through his lawyer, has offered to return Rs490 million in installments in five years along with interest payments. The FIA has no objections to the offer but the trial court has to accept it,” he said.


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Sindhi people buy weapons for their Safety : Palejo

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Awami Tehrik chief Rasool Bakhsh Palejo said that Sindhi People Buy the Weapons for their safety and rights. He was addressing in the Palejo House. He further added, 'Buy the licensed Weapons and get the training to operate Arms and Weapons'. According to the Palejo, Sindh Province made as like 'Israel'. Afterwards, he hinted about the Wall chalking in the Sindh and supposed it as threat for the Sindhi people. That's why he asks Sindhi nation to choose weapons for their rights & Safety. X-Reports

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Hypocrisy of Interior Ministry over the Statement of Israeli Weapons in Karachi

According to the X-Reports, Interior Ministry denied to accept the actual statement of Rehman Malik regarding the Israeli Weapons in Karachi & Showed 'Hypocrisy'. Earlier, X-Reports posted the remarks of Sindh Home Minister 'Manzoor Wasan' over the statement of Rehman Malik. While Home Ministry blamed to the Media instead of accept their statement. That's Called 'HYPOCRISY' 

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Inconsistency b/w PPP Ministers over Israeli Weapons in Karachi : WHO's RIGHT??

According to the X-Reports: Last day, Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that Israeli weapons are coming into Karachi. He also that foreign elements are involved in the deteriorating situation in the city.


Today, Sindh Home Minister Manzoor Wassan has rubbished the claim of Interior Minister Rehman Malik that arms being used in Karachi were smuggled from Israel as a joke, saying that one should not blame a country without any authentic investigation. Wassan said to blame any other country for the worsening law and order situation in Karachi was not morally justified. He said this while talking to the media during a visit to the Citizen-Police Liaison Committee here on Monday.


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