Talat Hussain blasted Imran and Nawaz over hypocritical stance

On Tuesday, US Ambassador in Pakistan Cameron Munter revealed that Imran Khan (PTI) and Nawaz Sharif (PMLN) both assured him of a pro-US stance after next elections. Munter said, chiefs of PML-N and PTI both leaders had assured him that they will completely support the US.
While at the other hand, both leaders publicly portrayed as they were anti-US, by their speeches and statement they preached hatred and fuel enraged against US but Munter's statement has brought turmoil to the politics of Pakistan. Interesting point is that, none of the two above named leaders denied it yet.
Talat Hussain, a reowned anchorperson, analyst and journalist lashes out the policies of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and N-League. Talat expresses in his column "Raah-e-Raast", Imran has changed his policies. Imran and his party had staged demonstration against Drone Attacks and threatened government on the re-opening of NATO supply. It was expected that Imran's party will oppose re-opening of NATO supply but Imran didn't do any thing, Talat wrote. When he asked about PTI's stance over re-opening of NATO supply, few of PTI leaders disliked this bitter question. Talat added, PTI is the hope for youth but right now it feels like whatever is going on in Pakistan either good or bad is not a concern of PTI, as they are involve in their intra party elections.
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