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“Illegal construction of Arif Alvi’s new dental clinic exposed”

KARACHI: An independent politician Jibran Nasir has revealed shocking details of Awab Alvi’s new dental clinic after the PTI announced a campaign to demolish a wall outside Bilawal House in Karachi.

The towering wall which cordons off Bilawal House has been criticised for hampering life in the area. The campaign’s official page states this wall was declared illegal by the Sindh High Court in September this year and the demolition campaign is scheduled for Sunday.

Soon after PTI made the announcement, Jibran Nasir shared his criticisms of the campaign on social media.

Jibran wrote a note on Facebook, which stated that he was “disappointed in PTI.” He drew a comparison between the barricade and Awab Alvi’s new dental clinic, which he alleges is being constructed illegally in a residential area.

He went on to say that if PTI is a party that “strives for justice” they should be fair and demolish the clinic as well. Awab Alvi tweeted back at Jibran Nasir but did not directly respond to the allegations.

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